DogDayz Apparel Introduction

Marisa Jackels returns to the Brand Retro Podcast to interview Mike for an upcoming blog story on DogDayz Apparel. They decided to hit record so they can share the backstory behind this story and purpose-filled brand.


A passion project – 0:17
The concept’s story – 1:44
When it all started – 3:33
Creating an apparel line – 4:19
Shirts from special places – 15:06
Having a retro mindset – 17:01
The real story behind the DogDayz Apparel idea – 20:32
Growing in a small town – 23:11
Building momentum and traction – 27:20
Creating a good product – 29:29
Dreams for the future – 31:44
Creating a retro inspired shirt – 37:47
Having a brand category – 40:00

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