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"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. - Dr. Suess

Brand Retro is the Cyberdogz Podcast where we talk about branding, marketing, and the meaning behind it all. It's also where we reminisce about that special time or place where you fell in love with your brand — aka, "The Brand Retro Mindset." Each episode is a conversation about the marketing mindset inside of well-known companies. Mike Brevik, founder of Cyberdogz, shares how innovative brands are collaborating with outside consultants to create game-changing products, unique marketing campaigns, and next-level ideas for companies of all sizes across various industries.

Podcast Image for Mallory Dean

Asking Why! with Mallory Dean

Mike welcomes digital designer, UX specialist, content creator, and strategist, Mallory Dean to discuss the 5 Why's and the trust needed within the creative process. Mallory's natural sense of curiosity ...
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Artist Spotlight: Hazel Imogen

Mike welcomes a brand-focused designer and creative director currently based out of Los Angeles, Hazel Imogen. Hazel's approach and passion are helping bad-ass go-getters create meaningful brands that connect with ...
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Brand Spotlight: NerdinOut (with Brad Vigesaa)

Mike welcomes entrepreneur, toy collector, and founder of NerdinOut, Brad Vigesaa! Mike and Brad talk about the connection between branding, nostalgia, and the business perspectives of collecting. It's short and ...
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Artist Spotlight: Ryan Wheaton (Craft Brew Creative)

Mike welcomes fellow artist, designer, and special guest Ryan Wheaton to the Brand Retro Podcast. Ryan is the mastermind behind Craft Brew Creative AND host of the Branding Brews Podcast. ...
Podcast image of Brisa Byford

Brand Spotlight: Civic Brand With Brisa Byford

Mike is joined by Senior Strategist at CivicBrand, Brisa Byford! Brisa joins the podcast to talk about the CivicBrand approach on research, branding, consulting, design, and marketing for small towns ...
Image of Katie Mleziva

Brand Spotlight: Real Food Brands

Branding is one of the most important aspects of a business, whether it is a small or medium enterprise, large or retail. But as a business owner, is it a ...
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Marketing Myth: Traditional Media is Dead

Is traditional media dead? With a more modern, digital way of exposing brands to the public, do you think the traditional way is gone for good? Mike is joined by ...
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Manny Cartoon Part 2

The art style is always evolving. With every experience and project, you have, your art style changes and grows. Mike sits down again with amazing artist Manny Cartoon. Together, they ...
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Manny Cartoon Part 1

How far will you go when it comes to marketing your business and skills? Can you take a leap of faith, move forward, and do the stuff you love? Mike ...