Brand Retro Podcast


"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. - Dr. Suess

Brand Retro is the Cyberdogz Podcast where we talk about branding, marketing, and the meaning behind it all. It's also where we reminisce about that special time or place where you fell in love with your brand — aka, "The Brand Retro Mindset." Each episode is a conversation about the marketing mindset inside of well-known companies. Mike Brevik, founder of Cyberdogz, shares how innovative brands are collaborating with outside consultants to create game-changing products, unique marketing campaigns, and next-level ideas for companies of all sizes across various industries.

Brand Storytelling with Author C.J. English

This episode is a unique conversation with author C.J. English on her personal and professional journey, the brand connection, and how she's now using her talents and influence to make ...

Brand Spotlight: Image Comics Creator / Writer / Artist: Emma Kubert

Mike interviews third generation comic book creator, writer, and artist to the Brand Retro Podcast: Emma Kubert. Mike and Emma discuss brand creation, her background in comics, her latest project ...

The Superman Brand with Dan Jurgens

After you listen to this episode, you'll believe a brand can fly! Mike is joined once again by comic book creator, writer, artist, AND industry legend, Dan Jurgens. Mike and ...